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Monthly Archives: April 2022


Lake County Grandma Gets Four-Year Prison Sentence For Aggravated Identity Theft

By Scriven Law, P.A. |

Identity theft is not just for hackers who never emerge from the basements of their mansions.  For most people, the motivation behind financial crimes is desperation; many of us have been tempted to steal or defraud someone simply because we needed money.  In 2019, Stacey Hendricks was in a tough situation.  She was the… Read More »

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Can Your Social Media Posts Influence The Outcome Of Your Criminal Case?

By Scriven Law, P.A. |

Everything on the Internet is fake.  Even when the audience acknowledges that they should take what they see, hear, and read online with a grain of salt, anything you say on social media can and will be used against you.  Whether all the dirt that prosecutors find about you on your social media accounts… Read More »

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Organized Crime And Racketeering In Tampa

By Scriven Law, P.A. |

Tampa has a storied past when it comes to organized crime. Despite tough racketeering laws passed during the 1970s, these same types of activities continue today. Our Tampa federal crimes lawyer explains more about Tampa’s organized crime history, common types of organized charges, and the serious penalties you could face under federal RICO laws…. Read More »

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Recording Police Interactions In Tampa

By Scriven Law, P.A. |

Any type of interaction with law enforcement has the potential to be tense. Over the past several years, we have all seen headlines regarding allegations of police abuse and harassment. Recording these interactions may be the best way to protect yourself and others involved. Tampa criminal defense lawyer Bryant Scriven explains what you need… Read More »

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