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Category Archives: DUI Defense


You Can Get A DUI Even If You Are Not Driving

By Scriven Law, P.A. |

Sleeping in your car after a night of drinking is a lot less dangerous than attempting to drive home while you are drunk, but no good deed goes unpunished.  Under certain circumstances, you can get a DUI conviction even if you were drunk in a motor vehicle, even if you were not driving and… Read More »

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Frequently Asked Questions About DUI In Florida

By Scriven Law, P.A. |

Some illegal actions are more socially acceptable than others; almost everyone has temporarily parked their car on someone else’s private property without permission, for example, even though the law considers this a no-no, and some of us have the parking tickets to prove it.  Likewise, in many parts of Florida, cannabis possession exists in… Read More »

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Brandon, Florida Woman Arrested For Giving Car Keys To Drunk Friend Who Got Into DUI

By Scriven Law, P.A. |

In what is considered the first case of its kind in Polk County, Florida, a Brandon, Florida resident is now in police custody for providing car keys to an inebriated friend who then got into a DUI. English has been charged with culpable negligent manslaughter. She gave the car keys to her friend, the… Read More »

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License Suspension after a DUI Arrest

By Scriven Law, P.A. |

After a DUI arrest in Florida, you have two serious issues to contend with, criminal charges and driver’s license suspension. After you are taken into custody, the arresting officer will destroy your license and issue a temporary one. The temporary license is only valid for ten days and can only be used for commuting… Read More »

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