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Our firm strives to provide you with unrivaled, skillful,
legal representation as you go through this difficult time.


Mr. Scriven prosecuted criminal cases in virtually every
county and circuit court criminal division and tried over
100 cases to verdict.

Attentive & Responsive Legal Service

We pride ourselves on being accessible and available
for a free consultation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Tampa Criminal Lawyer

Tampa Criminal Defense

Florida Legal Elite 2021
The National Trial Lawyers Top 100

Devoted to the defense of people charged with a crime in Hillsborough County, Pinellas County, and throughout the State of Florida

Dealing with a criminal case as a defendant or even as a lawyer can be a scary and intimidating experience. Tampa criminal defense attorney Bryant Scriven is a former Hillsborough County prosecutor with experience prosecuting misdemeanors, felonies, DUI and traffic offenses, and juvenile delinquency. In his 17 years of practicing criminal law, Bryant has been involved in thousands of cases and hundreds of trials. He’ll put that experience to work for you and help you achieve a positive outcome in your case to the fullest extent possible.

Results matter, and Scriven Law, P.A., has amassed a long list of successes where we have prevented charges from being filed, obtained dismissal of charges, achieved probation instead of mandatory prison sentences, gotten charges reduced to lesser offenses, had cases diverted away from trial adjudication, and, of course, won “not guilty” verdicts from a jury at trial. Of equal importance to the results we get, however, is our firm’s personal approach with our clients. We work closely and directly with our clients throughout their case and are always accessible and available, whether through a phone call, email, text or in person. Clients appreciate the good relationship they develop with Bryant Scriven and the way he explains matters to them. Bryant is a skilled and successful Tampa criminal lawyer, but he is also someone you can easily talk to, explain your situation to, and get honest advice and answers from.

Help With the Full Range of Florida Criminal Offenses

Scriven Law, P.A., provides sound advice and strategic, aggressive and effective representation across the range of Florida criminal law matters. Contact our Tampa criminal defense lawyers for help with any of the following:

Traffic Offenses – Every citation puts points on your driver’s license and moves you closer to suspension of a license you can’t afford to be without. Taking the time to fight a traffic ticket may be well worth the effort to help you keep your license and avoid government fines and astronomical hikes to your auto insurance rates.

DUI – Drunk driving convictions are immediately consequential, with the prospect of fines up to $1,000, six months in jail, mandatory treatment, a year-long driver’s license suspension, and more, all on a first offense. We can help you fight an improper DUI arrest, keep your license, and avoid the harshest penalties that could otherwise be coming your way.

Domestic Violence – Domestic violence allegations can result in a temporary restraining order that kicks you out of the house and away from your kids, as well as criminal charges. Accusations are not always founded on facts; we’ll defend you from charges of abuse, stalking or harassment of a current or former spouse, co-parent, or other relative or current or former housemate covered under Florida’s domestic violence laws.

Sex Crimes – Sex offenses can bring shame and stigma to a defendant and his or her family. A conviction can lead to a lengthy prison sentence and a lifetime on the Sex Offender Registry, or even a lifelong involuntary civil commitment to a secure facility in extreme cases. We approach sex crime prosecutions sensitively but also with the determination to get you the best result we can given the facts and applicable law.

Violent Crimes – Florida prosecutors are filling our prisons with people convicted of violent crimes like assault, battery, and homicide. We’ll raise all applicable defenses to a criminal charge, including self-defense, defense of others, provocation, and home protection, including Florida’s Stand Your Ground law.

Theft Crimes – Our firm defends people charged with the full range of misdemeanor and felony theft offenses in Tampa, including petty theft, grand theft, retail theft, grand theft auto, larceny and more. The facts don’t always support the charges the state has filed against you; we’ll present you in the best light and work to achieve a positive outcome.

White-Collar Crimes – Conviction of a white-collar crime can result in hefty fines and extensive prison sentences, along with other monetary penalties such as restitution. Even worse, you can be forever barred from a wide range of employment opportunities that involve the handling of money or positions of trust. Let us help you from being unfairly tarnished with a conviction for embezzlement, fraud or other white-collar crimes.

Weapons Offenses – Gun ownership is a constitutional right, but it can be tricky to know your rights when it comes to open carry versus concealed carry, how and when you can purchase guns, and other gun laws. Our firm defends people charged with technical weapons violations as well as enhancements to other criminal offenses where the use of a weapon is alleged.

Violation of Probation – Probation is often an excellent outcome in a criminal case, but the terms of probation can be numerous, strict and difficult to follow. Before the state can revoke your probation for an alleged violation, we’ll represent you at a hearing and argue why your probation should be kept intact or extended. We can also represent you if you are seeking to modify or terminate your probation early.

Federal Criminal Defense – Scriven Law, P.A., is especially focused on representing defendants charged with federal crimes in Tampa. If you’ve received a target letter or grand jury summons, we can advise you of your rights and intervene on your behalf to prevent charges from being filed. We are also with you at every stage of a federal criminal proceeding, from arraignment and plea bargaining to trial, sentencing hearings, and asset forfeiture proceedings.

Tampa Personal Injury

In addition to our criminal law practice, Scriven Law, P.A., is prepared to use our negotiation and trial skills to help you secure compensation after you have been injured by the negligence of another. We can negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf or try your case in court to make sure you get the money damages you need and deserve to cover your current and future medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other legal damages. Our firm accepts all manner of personal injury cases in Tampa, including auto accidents, slip and fall, workplace accidents, and more.

Help Is Here. Call Scriven Law, P.A., for Strong, Strategic and Effective Tampa Criminal Defense

If you have been arrested for a Florida or federal criminal offense in Tampa, call Scriven Law, P.A., at 813-226-8522 for a free initial consultation with attorney Bryant Scriven. We’ll let you know your options and how we can help. Evening and weekend meetings are available to accommodate your needs, so don’t wait to call. Your first move after an arrest should be to call a qualified and experienced Tampa criminal lawyer. In Tampa, call Scriven Law, P.A.

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Attorney Bryant Scriven He’s built a reputation for providing
superior representation to all clients.

Bryant A. Scriven began his legal career as a Prosecutor with the Hillsborough County State Attorney’s office. During his time there he served as lead trial counsel in over 2000 criminal case, ranging from DUI’s to Attempted Murder. Mr. Scriven prosecuted criminal cases in virtually every county and circuit court criminal division and tried over 100 cases to verdict.

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Five Star

I have had the pleasure of working with Mr. Scriven on a professional level. I investigate his criminal cases when needed. I have always been impressed with Mr. Scriven’s knowledge of the law. He always wants the best for his clients and it shows. You won’t go wrong if Mr.Read More

Five Star

I was fortunate enough to defend a case with Bryant Scriven in a two week trial in Hillsborough Circuit Court. Bryant is a great lawyer. He is very professional and pours his time, attention, and effort into every case. I am happy to call him a friend.

Eben Self
Five Star

Bryant has a great amount of experience and knowledge in the law which makes him a force to be reckoned with . He is upfront with you from the beginning about your case or any legal inquiries you may have. You are never left in the dark with him byRead More

Ciara Rodriguez
Five Star

I highly recommend Bryant!! Bryant took his time to help me through the whole entire process he was very honest, respectful and was able to answer all my questions and get back to me in a timely matter. Best Attorney in Tampa Bay!!!!

Michie Rodriguez
Five Star

Best attorney and worth so much more then what he charges (he's rates are will worth it!). I've hired this lawyer on any and every legal issue I've had and any of my friends and family. I'm very grateful and blessed to have Bryant Scriven in my corner if andRead More

Julia Cornish
Five Star

Fantastic Attorney! Very knowledgeable in Federal Criminal Law. I highly recommend Mr. Scriven.

Eric Taylor
Five Star

I Highly recommend Mr. Scriven, he was a God-send for my case! He was thorough and articulate in gathering information and representing the best interests of my loved one. I was witness to his high level of integrity and tenacity during my trial. Mr. Scriven is very professional, knowledgeable, humble,Read More

Latoya Johnson
Five Star

I was referred to Mr. Scriven by a friend. I never needed a Lawyer before so this was something new for me. I met Mr. Scriven at his office he was polite and explained everything in detail. He was very thorough with everything and he was at the court hearingsRead More

Shavon Filmore
Five Star

I strongly recommend Mr. Scriven. He is very professional, full of knowledge!! He does an amazing job. He has always taken care of me and handled all my cases promptly. Mr. Scriven is the best lawyer hands down. Greatly recommended

Christiaan Mitchell
Five Star

I had a rather strange and long case, but Mr. Scriven was with me at every step. Answering all my questions and keeping my nerves at bay until we finally got the whole thing dismissed. Hopefully I won't need to hire a lawyer again, but if I do I knowRead More

Joe LaBella
Five Star

Excellent and knowledgeable legal services. His experience is unlike any other and I have greatly appreciated his wisdom. I have used two separate times and have received the outcome on both cases that we were hoping for. The Scriven Law Firm becomes a part of the family!

Kandace Nollie
Five Star

Bryant was my attorney during my car accident and many other cases. He is very Professional, Knowledgeable, and will fight to make sure his Clients are take care of. I would Highly recommend him to anyone seeking an Excellent attorney.

Francois Senat
Five Star

He dealt with my v.o.p. a while back. Was great. Took care of business. Affordable and on the ball about the case. Highly recommend him. Good guy.

Alexander Gomez
Five Star

Esq. Bryant Scriven is a phenomenal attorney that really takes the time to listen to his clients. Despite of needing him in the first place, his services made me feel comfortable and actually trust him. Esq. Scriven is very knowledgeable, dependable and has a very keen eye to detail. HeRead More

Qiana Norman
Five Star

Best lawyer in Tampa!!! Mr. Scriven is worth the money, I’ve been using him for years along with all my family and friends and absolutely recommend him to everyone!! He’s such a smart amazing person and I don’t think theres anything he can’t and won’t do to solve your case!Read More

Micaela Oquendo
Five Star

Excellent experience! Made the entire process of dealing with my traffic ticket a breeze. I would highly recommend Attorney Bryant A. Scriven to anyone. Not only did he help me dismiss my traffic ticket, his customer service during the whole process was off the charts.

Jennifer Ponce
Five Star

I had all my tickets dismissed and he kept me informed along the way so keep in mind the system itself takes awhile so patience is a virtue! Thank You so much and I will highly recommend!

Carlos Roman Trucker
Five Star

I've been with Mr. Scriven since 2013 and I am greatly filled with astonishment with the work hes provide's to me and the dedication. He's on call and there when I need him. I appreciate the fact that he doesnt tell you what you want to hear, he tells youRead More

Jennifer Gonzalez
Five Star

Bryant makes everything a breeze and stress free I recommend him for any case

Alaizsa Parker
Case Results

Defendant arrested for Possession of Counterfeit Bills/Uttering a Forged Instrument Facing 10 years prison


No charges filed


Defendant arrested and charged with Delivery of Cocaine within 1000 feet of school. Facing 30 years prison with 3 year minimum mandatory


Attorney Scriven able to convince state to waive minimum mandatory prison sentence and give Defendant probation

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