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Tampa Medicare Fraud Lawyer

There are many types of fraud out there. One of them is Medicare fraud. Many people may be unfamiliar with it, but the truth is that it is more common than you may think. In fact, Florida is one of the top states for Medicare fraud.

Medicare is a federal health insurance program in the United States. It provides insurance for those over the age of 65. Many people try to defraud Medicare and as a result, Medicare loses $60 billion each year.

Medicare fraud involves any type of deceitful or dishonest activity. It is committed with the intent of obtaining unauthorized benefits or payments. Providers and healthcare organizations are typically the ones that perpetrate this fraud.

Providers are responsible for understanding state and federal laws where they practice. Providers who violate these laws will be penalized.

Any type of healthcare fraud can result in a decade in prison as well as hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines. Providers may also be excluded from federal healthcare programs. If you have been arrested, get legal help from a Tampa Medicare fraud lawyer from Scriven Law, P.A.

Types of Medicare Fraud

Medicare fraud can happen in a number of ways. Some examples include:

  • Billing for services not rendered. Healthcare providers bill Medicare for services or procedures that were never performed.
  • Providers bill Medicare for more expensive services or procedures than were actually performed or necessary.
  • Providers bill Medicare separately for services that should be billed together at a lower bundled rate.
  • Healthcare providers receive payment in exchange for referrals or for prescribing certain treatments or medications covered by Medicare.
  • Phantom billing. Healthcare providers submit claims for services that were unnecessary or not provided to Medicare beneficiaries.
  • False diagnosis. Providers intentionally misdiagnose patients to bill Medicare for more expensive treatments or procedures.
  • Identity theft. This involves stealing Medicare beneficiaries’ personal information to submit false claims or obtain healthcare services.
  • Medicare Part D fraud. This refers to fraudulent activities related to the Medicare Part D prescription drug benefit, such as pharmacy billing for drugs not dispensed or beneficiaries using multiple pharmacies to fill prescriptions.
  • Durable medical equipment fraud. Suppliers bill Medicare for durable medical equipment that is unnecessary or not provided to beneficiaries.
  • Pharmaceutical fraud. This involves overcharging Medicare for prescription drugs or billing for medications that were never provided.
  • Home healthcare fraud. This is when agencies bill Medicare for home healthcare services that are unnecessary or not provided to beneficiaries.

Contact Scriven Law Today

Healthcare fraud such as Medicare fraud can result in a lot of penalties for doctors and others who engage in it. It can greatly impact one’s future.

Facing charges? Contact a Tampa Medicare fraud lawyer from Scriven Law, P.A. Our skilled and successful criminal lawyer is someone you can easily talk to, explain your situation to, and get honest advice and answers from. Call 813-226-8522 or fill out the online form to schedule a consultation.

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