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Tampa Federal Crime Lawyer

Federal agencies like the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the U.S. Attorney’s Office hire the best lawyers from the top law schools in the country. They have extensive financial resources and plenty of time to devote to criminal investigations, installing wiretaps, sending in undercover agents, and otherwise building a monumental case against the accused before ever making an arrest. With so much stacked against you, you can’t afford to take any federal charges lightly. The Tampa federal crime lawyers of Scriven Law, P.A., is ready to take on the government’s case against you and aggressively pursue all your options to achieve a successful outcome for you. Call our office in Tampa at 813-226-8522 if you have been arrested for a federal offense, believe you may be under investigation for a federal crime or have received a target letter or grand jury subpoena.

What Federal Crimes Do You Defend Against?

Scriven Law, P.A., represents people charged with federal felonies in Tampa. Our firm is ready to take on any of the following types of cases, among others:

Drug Crimes – From charges of possession of a controlled substance to manufacturing or drug trafficking, we’ll defend you from the aggressive DEA tactics brought on by the decades-old war on drugs. We’ll question and challenge every piece of the government’s case against you and fight to keep you from being harshly punished for low-level offenses.

Sex Crimes – Federal sex offenses can include sex trafficking of minors, human trafficking for prostitution, creation or possession of child pornography, Internet and computer sex crimes, and more. We understand the sensitive nature of these prosecutions and the high stakes involved. We also understand your right to a presumption of innocence and a vigorous defense, and we’ll strive to negotiate or litigate a positive result in your case.

White-Collar Crimes – The Securities Exchange Act runs to 366 pages, and the Internal Revenue Code weighs in at well over a thousand, not to mention the Revenue Rulings, Treasury Guidance, and applicable federal court decisions. White-collar criminal offenses are buried in complex, highly technical and voluminous publications. No matter how complicated it gets, we’ll take the time to prepare and present a persuasive defense against charges of tax evasion, corporate or securities fraud, and other federal white-collar crimes.

Weapons Offenses – Weapons come into federal criminal law in two different ways. You could be charged with violating some federal gun law related to possession, import/export, or trafficking in firearms, or you could face additional charges in any criminal prosecution where a weapon was used, discharged, brandished or simply carried.

How Does Your Firm Help with Federal Criminal Prosecutions?

Scriven Law, P.A., provides comprehensive support throughout the criminal process. Count on our firm for sound advice and aggressive representation in any of the following situations:

Pre-Arrest Advice and Representation – If you are approached by federal officers wanting to question you regarding an investigation, we can advise you, represent you, and intervene on your behalf to protect your rights, strategize and position your defense, or influence what charges get filed or whether charges ever get filed at all.

Target Letters – If you receive a letter from the U.S. Attorney’s Office letting you know you are under investigation, we’ll advise you on how to respond and appear on your behalf to the extent possible, whether calling the Assistant United States Attorney for you, accompanying you to their offices, or sticking beside you at a grand jury appearance.

Grand Jury Appearances – If called to appear before a grand jury, it is vital you know your rights to testify or remain silent. We’ll prepare you in advance and be on-call outside the jury room if you need to confer with your lawyer before answering a question.

Federal Criminal Process – Scriven Law is here for you at every stage of a federal criminal prosecution, from pre-arrest advice and representation to grand jury appearances, to representation at arraignment, bail hearings, plea negotiations or trial.

Federal Sentencing – Calculating a federal sentence is a complicated matter. We’ll represent you throughout the process, including at your presentence interview and your sentencing hearing to argue for probation, relief from mandatory minimum sentences or financial penalties, and the conditions of supervised release.

Asset Forfeiture – Government agencies gleefully seize any assets they allege are instrumentalities or proceeds of a crime. Before they can forfeit your property to line their pockets, you have the right to challenge the seizure and forfeiture. Scriven Law, P.A, will represent you in a civil or criminal judicial forfeiture or administrative forfeiture proceeding to help you protect your valuable property.

Help Is Available for Federal Criminal Defense in Tampa

For help with federal criminal defense, call a Tampa federal crime lawyer at Scriven Law, P.A., at 813-226-8522 for a free consultation about your needs and goals and an effective strategy to get you there.

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