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Tampa Identity Theft Lawyer

Florida is consistently a top target for identity theft. There are many people who steal the personal information of others for their own gain. They may use this information to open credit cards, take out loans, buy a car, or get a job.

There are many resources and laws available to protect consumers. The Fair Credit Reporting Act and the Fair Credit Billing Act are some of them. These laws may be used to punish offenders at the state or federal level.

Identity theft is a serious matter that can greatly impact the lives of many people. As such, these crimes are punished harshly. A Tampa identity theft lawyer from Scriven Law, P.A. can help reduce or eliminate your charges.

What the Law Says

Under Florida law, the punishment for identity theft varies based on the amount of financial loss as well the number of victims involved. Theft or fraud of at least $5,000 or use of 10 to 20 victim’s identities carries a mandatory minimum penalty of three years in prison. Theft or fraud exceeding $50,000 or using 20-30 victim’s identities carries a mandatory minimum sentence of five years in prison. For theft or fraud in excess of $100,000 or use of more than 30 victim’s identities, there is a mandatory minimum sentence of 10 years in prison. A person convicted of identity theft will also be required to pay restitution to the victims including out-of-pocket costs and attorney’s fees.

Types of Identity Theft

Identity theft may encompass any of the following:

  • Financial identity theft. This is the most common form of identity theft. It involves stealing personal information to gain access to someone’s finances, such as bank accounts, credit cards, or investment accounts.
  • Social Security identity theft. In this type of identity theft, someone unlawfully uses another person’s Social Security number for various fraudulent activities, such as applying for government benefits, obtaining employment, or filing false tax returns.
  • Medical identity theft. In medical identity theft, an individual’s personal information, such as their name, insurance ID, or Social Security number, is used to obtain medical services, prescription drugs, or submit fraudulent insurance claims.
  • Child identity theft. Children are also vulnerable to identity theft. Thieves may use a child’s Social Security number to apply for government benefits, open fraudulent accounts, or even take out loans. Since children usually don’t monitor their credit reports, this type of theft can go undetected for years.
  • Tax identity theft. Tax identity theft occurs when someone uses another person’s Social Security number to file a fraudulent tax return and claim a refund.

Contact Scriven Law Today

Law enforcement officials work hard to crack down on identity theft. As a result, these crimes are punished harshly.

Have you been arrested? If so, contact a Tampa identity theft lawyer from Scriven Law, P.A. You have many constitutional rights as a person accused of a crime. It is worthwhile to know these rights and ensure you exercise them to the fullest. Fill out the online form or call 813-226-8522 to schedule a consultation.

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