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Tampa Criminal Lawyer > Blog > Sex Crimes > It Is Easier For A Registered Florida Sex Offender To Go On A Caribbean Cruise Than To Visit A Local Park And Other Little-Known Facts

It Is Easier For A Registered Florida Sex Offender To Go On A Caribbean Cruise Than To Visit A Local Park And Other Little-Known Facts


When a judge reads out your sentence after you have pleaded guilty to a crime or been convicted at trial, the first thing most people do is to start counting the days, hours, and minutes until their sentence can be over and they can put this unpleasant experience behind them.  Anyone who has been to jail or prison knows that almost everyone who has a chance of returning to life on the outside just wants to finish their sentence and get back to enjoying the simple things in life.  If you have been convicted of a sex-related offense, though, you will be required to stay registered as a sex offender for the foreseeable future.  In Florida, you will have to stay on the sex offender registry unless you receive a pardon or until 25 years have passed since you finished your sentence.  This means that, long after your last meeting with a probation officer, your name will appear on the sex offender registry.  A Tampa sex crimes lawyer can help you cope with the new normal.

You Can Still Study and Travel, Even If You Are a Registered Sex Offender

Being a registered sex offender does not deprive you of the right to travel, as long as the terms of your probation do not prohibit this.  If you are planning to travel outside of Florida, you must report to the sheriff’s office in your county 48 hours before your trip and answer their questions about the details of your travel plans.  If you are traveling internationally, you must go to the sheriff’s office 21 days before your trip and give details, including where you will be staying while abroad.

Likewise, being a sex offender does not take away your right to apply to universities and colleges in Florida or to seek employment here.  If you are registered as a sex offender in another state and you temporarily move to Florida for your work or studies, you must register as a sex offender in Florida upon your arrival.

Going to the Park or the Mall Is Not So Simple

If you get convicted of a sex crime, especially if the victim was a minor at the time of the offense, the judge has the right to place restrictions on your interactions with minors.  This could mean forbidding you to go within a certain distance of schools, malls, parks, or other places where you are likely to be near children and teenagers.  In some cases, the judge might even require other adults to be present when you interact with your own children until your children reach adulthood.

Contact Tampa Sex Crimes Defense Attorney Bryant Scriven

If you get convicted of a sex-related offense, a sex crimes defense lawyer can help you avoid getting into additional trouble with the law.  Contact Scriven Law in Tampa, Florida to schedule a consultation.



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