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Monthly Archives: June 2024


Is Medical LSD The New Medical Cannabis?

By Scriven Law, P.A. |

Almost every Schedule I controlled substance was once a legitimate pharmaceutical drug, a popular social lubricant, or both before the Controlled Substances Act came to town in 1970.  In the plants’ native ranges, people have been smoking cannabis and chewing khat for centuries, if not for millennia.  Even before heroin gave midcentury jazz its… Read More »

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Questions Of Law And Questions Of Fact In Florida Criminal Cases

By Scriven Law, P.A. |

Yes and no questions are not always as simple as they sound.  Sometimes, in order to arrive at the correct answer, you must consider all the information that is relevant to your decision and ignore all irrelevant information, and sometimes figuring out which information is relevant is more difficult than it sounds.  Think about… Read More »

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Bryant Scriven Quoted in Tampa Bay Times Article “Pinellas Deputies Will Seize Cars Seized in a Flee”

By Scriven Law, P.A. |

Brandon Kingdollar, Tampa Bay Times Staff, 6.10.24 Pinellas deputies will seize cars used to flee police, sheriff says. The first-of-its-kind policy, which takes effect Tuesday, aims to cut down on high-speed police chases. Drive off from a deputy in Pinellas County? Starting Tuesday, you’ll lose your car. The new policy aims to reduce dangerous… Read More »

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How Does A Criminal Case Affect Your Professional Life?

By Scriven Law, P.A. |

When you get arrested on suspicion of a crime, you are wise to follow the instinct that tells you to exercise your right to remain silent and then calmly and privately discuss the situation with a criminal defense lawyer when you get the opportunity to do so.  Meanwhile, until you get the chance to… Read More »

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