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Monthly Archives: June 2021


Unexpected Consequences From A DUI Conviction

By Scriven Law, P.A. |

Everyone knows that driving while under the influence is illegal. And most people know if arrested for a DUI, the defendant can expect to pay hefty fines, the cost of bail after detainment, costs to retain a defense attorney, and possibly serve time in jail. The defendant might also have to bear costs for… Read More »

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What Is Money Laundering And Wire Fraud?

By Scriven Law, P.A. |

Last week in California, a federal jury found a former Netflix Vice President guilty of money laundering and fraud. Defendant Michael Kail allegedly secured lucrative contracts for stock options, kickbacks and additional monies from tech start-up companies in exchange for deals with Neftlix. Kail accepted bribes in excess of $500,000 for over two years,… Read More »

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Florida Windshield Obstruction Laws: Know Your Rights In A Traffic Stop

By Scriven Law, P.A. |

In a tragic turn of events, police in Minnesota fatally shot Daunte Wright only weeks ago, during the George Floyd trial. Officers state a traffic stop was made because of air fresheners hanging in his rearview mirror and because of expired license tags. After reviewing his name, police learned of his misdemeanor warrant and… Read More »

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Consequences For Unlawful Possession Of Firearms In Florida

By Scriven Law, P.A. |

A previously convicted felon is released on parole after serving ten years hard labor in prison. Upon release, he is invited to go sport hunting with friends. On the way home from their excursion, police make a traffic stop for speeding. He is asked to show identification, and police determine he is a convicted… Read More »

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