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Unexpected Consequences From A DUI Conviction


Everyone knows that driving while under the influence is illegal. And most people know if arrested for a DUI, the defendant can expect to pay hefty fines, the cost of bail after detainment, costs to retain a defense attorney, and possibly serve time in jail. The defendant might also have to bear costs for installing an ignition interlock device, and maintenance fees and complete community service. But what about other unintended or unexpected consequences? The reality is a DUI conviction can affect a defendant years after he or she has served time or paid fines, and it can have serious implications on a defendant’s income, social life, and eligibility for schooling and future prospects.

 College & Job Applications 

Applying to four year colleges and universities often means completing a thorough application regarding your work experience, previous education and character. You may be asked a question about your criminal history. While a misdemeanor usually won’t affect your admission eligibility, each college admissions board will make a decision on your holistic application and abilities. It is crucial to be candid on admissions forms and job applications. Sometimes failing to disclose something that occurred in your past is viewed more heinous than the conviction itself, because the applicant was not honest and forthright, and this speaks to their character. In addition, you may be barred from certain career paths because you can’t obtain a security clearance due to prior criminal history. Or a company could maintain a policy that they don’t hire applicants with prior history of drug or alcohol offenses. This may seem unfair, after all, one mistake doesn’t define a person, but it is an unfortunate reality for some. 

Higher Premiums for Car Insurance, Possible Ineligibility for Life Insurance 

Having a DUI on your record often results in higher car insurance premiums for years. Although accidents usually fall off your driving record for insurance purposes, a DUI might not. In addition, many people put off applying for life insurance until later in life. It’s actually wise to apply earlier as young people are usually eligible for lower premiums with good health. However, there are some caveats to applying for life insurance. Insurers will usually ask you for a driver’s license number. They will use your license number to run a search on your driving record to determine if your driving habits are risky. Multiple traffic tickets, speeding tickets, installation of ignition interlock devices or a previous license suspension are all red flags. But a DUI on your record, even if you received probation before judgment, can completely bar you from eligibility for life insurance. It’s important you discuss the implications of pleading guilty with an experienced criminal defense DUI attorney before accepting a plea deal from the prosecution or trying to represent yourself in proceedings. 

Schedule a Consultation with Tampa Attorney Bryant Scriven

DUI charges come with more than just a potential criminal record and fines to pay. A DUI conviction can have life-long consequences and can affect your reputation, friendships and business relationships, even your ability to protect your family and secure stable employment. That’s why you need a seasoned criminal defense attorney on your side. Tampa criminal attorney Bryant Scriven has years of experience as a former criminal prosecutor and now as a defense attorney representing clients for DUI and other drug and alcohol charges. If retained, he will work tirelessly to defend your rights and advocate for you regarding your potential DUI conviction. Contact Attorney Scriven today to schedule a consultation.

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