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Trying To Hide Your Drugs At The Last Minute Is Much Worse Than Letting The Police Find Them


It is entirely possible that the police will search your car even if you do not consent to the search.  It is also possible that they know that they are violating your rights, but they think that they can get away with it, because they assume that you will be among the 94 percent of defendants who plead guilty, even though that number includes numerous defendants who could have been acquitted if they had fought their charges.  If the police resort to unfair tactics to find drugs in your vehicle, exercise your right to remain silent and think of all the ways that the cops’ actions could work against the prosecution’s case when your case goes to trial.  Whatever you do, do not make a last-minute attempt to hide your drugs or get rid of them.  It didn’t work for Henry Hill in Goodfellas, and it won’t work for you.  Even worse, your case takes place in Florida, where creative strategies to avoid getting caught in the act of a crime will land you a place on the Florida Man Times website.  If you are facing drug charges after an unlawful search of your property, contact a Tampa drug crime lawyer.

Even Florida Man Is Innocent Until Proven Guilty

These are some cases where defendants who feared that they were about to get caught with illegal drugs resorted to desperate measures to conceal the evidence:

  • When a Brevard County man saw police approaching, he threw a bag of drugs over a fence into a church parking lot, in plain view of the police. Police later found heroin, cannabis, MDMA, and cocaine in his possession.
  • A Volusia County man got pulled over for not wearing a seatbelt. As the officer approached his car, the man attempted to hide small bags of cannabis and cocaine under a roll of fat on his abdomen.
  • At a Flagler County traffic stop, the driver attempted to distract the police from searching for drugs in his car by pretending to have a heart attack. The man was transported to the hospital while the police continued to search his car, eventually finding THC oil laced with fentanyl.  He was transported to jail after being examined at a hospital.
  • Also in Flagler County, a driver attempted to swallow a large quantity of cocaine as police approached his car. When the police arrived, they saw him spitting out white powder, and they called an ambulance to transport him to a hospital.  He remained hospitalized for at least one night.

Unwise as they may have been, none of these actions automatically led to the defendants being convicted of drug crimes.  They all have the right to due process of law.

Contact Tampa Criminal Defense Attorney Bryant Scriven

A criminal defense lawyer can help you if you are being accused of illegal possession of drugs after a traffic stop.  Contact Scriven Law in Tampa, Florida to schedule a consultation.






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