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Monthly Archives: April 2021


Plea Agreement Or Trial: What’s Appropriate For Your Case?

By Scriven Law, P.A. |

Last year in Florida, over 200,000 criminal defendants were arrested. Of those arrests, many cases were pled out and never went to trial. What does it mean to plead out a case? The state’s attorney or district attorney in the jurisdiction where the defendant is arrested may approach the defendant or the defendant’s attorney… Read More »

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What is Spousal Privilege & How Does it Apply to Criminal Cases?

By Scriven Law, P.A. |

Spousal privilege is a unique device that is exclusive to married couples. In Florida, a spouse cannot be asked to testify against her spouse in a criminal proceeding, but there are exceptions to the rule. If you are facing criminal charges at the federal or state level and your spouse was not an accomplice… Read More »

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