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Tampa Drug Crime Lawyer

The war on drugs was officially begun by the Nixon Administration in 1971, and now 50 years and over a trillion dollars later, it is still going strong. Unfortunately, while drug laws have become increasingly harsh, illegal drug use is at an all-time high, and today, approximately 17 percent of incarcerated persons in Florida are there for drug-related offenses.

Today, in Florida, many drug charges carry mandatory minimum prison sentences, which can range anywhere from three to 25 years. Additionally, if charged in federal court, some drug offenses may trigger mandatory life sentences. If you have been arrested on a state-level or federal drug charge in Florida, you need immediate help from an experienced drug crime defense lawyer. In Tampa, Scriven Law, P.A., is here to help you avoid the most serious consequences of a drug offense conviction.

As a former felony prosecutor, Tampa drug crime lawyer Bryant Scriven has abundant trial experience combined with the knowledge and skills necessary to provide a strong and capable defense. We’ll work to get charges dismissed or reduced, fight your case in court, or obtain a favorable alternative to incarceration such as probation. If drug addiction is truly a problem in your life, we can help you get the treatment you need rather than punishment for your disease. Call Scriven Law, P.A., if you’ve been charged with any drug offense in Tampa, including:

  • Drug Possession
  • Drug Possession with intent to sell
  • Drug Distribution
  • Drug Manufacturing
  • Drug Trafficking
  • Possession of Drug Paraphernalia
  • Possession of certain Prescription Drugs

How Do You Defend Against Drug Charges?

Police officers, federal agents and prosecutors are trained and experienced in the art of making you think they have an airtight case against and that pleading guilty is your only chance to avoid spending the rest of your life in prison. Even when pleading guilty is in their best interest, however, defendants who accept the government’s offer on their own often wind up serving lengthy prison sentences that could have been avoided had they been represented by an experienced criminal defense lawyer.

At Scriven Law, P.A., we take a hard look at the government’s case against you as well as any evidence that favors your defense. We put together the strongest defense available so we are prepared to negotiate a favorable plea on your behalf or defend you in court when going to trial is in your best interest. Some defenses that might apply to a drug crime arrest include:

Search and seizure issues – Whether pulled over while driving, stopped on the street, or arrested after a home search, police officers must have probable cause to search. Any search must be justified at the start and carried out in a reasonable fashion. Sometimes, the police don’t have the authority to search in the first place. Other times, they go beyond the bounds of what is authorized and exceed the scope of an allowable search. We’ll fight to protect your constitutional rights and see that any unlawfully obtained evidence doesn’t get used against you.

Not your drugs – Not uncommonly, the police arrest everybody in the vicinity of drugs and charge everyone with possession. You might not have even known the drugs were there or that they were an illegal substance. If the prosecutor can’t prove the drugs were yours, you shouldn’t be convicted of possession, much less a more serious charge such as possession with intent to distribute.

Lack of evidence in court – Part of a drug crime prosecution involves the government producing the alleged controlled substance in court. If the drugs don’t show up in court, you shouldn’t be convicted. Also, the prosecution must be able to establish the chain of custody linking you with the specific substance. A skilled defense lawyer knows how to shine a light on procedural errors that cast reasonable doubt on the government’s case.

Entrapment – Drug arrests often stem from undercover stings where people are tricked into buying drugs from undercover police officers or selling to them. When the drugs themselves were provided by the police, defendants might have a valid entrapment defense that is strong enough to avoid a guilty verdict or negotiate a favorable plea.

The collateral consequences of a drug conviction can be significant

All drug offenses involve strict legal punishments. People convicted of a drug crime can be punished with imprisonment, monetary fines, court-ordered rehabilitation programs, probation, community service, and drug offender registration. Additionally, convicted drug offenders may also lose their driving privileges, the ability to obtain student loans, and the opportunity to work in certain fields.

Drug offense convictions can lead to devastating, life-changing consequences. People who are charged with drug crimes need to enlist the immediate aid of a qualified attorney. Our law firm can evaluate your case to see if any legal errors were made, question law enforcement, and negotiate with state or federal prosecutors. Having handled thousands of criminal cases, Tampa criminal defense attorney Bryant Scriven is able to effectively determine the best way to proceed in your case based on your goals and our firm’s realistic assessment of the potential outcomes.

If you have been charged with a drug offense, contact us now for a free consultation. Our experienced criminal defense attorney will advise you of your rights and provide reliable counsel throughout the legal process.

Are You Suffering From Drug Addiction? Scriven Law Is Here to Help.

If you’ve been arrested for a drug crime as a result of drug addiction, it is important to choose a law firm that understands what you are going through. At Scriven Law, we have a Licensed Clinical Social Worker on staff who has extensive experience in substance abuse and who will assist in the preparation and defense of your case. You might be eligible for pre-trial intervention that enables you to get counseling and treatment without any drug conviction entered on your record. Even if you don’t qualify for pre-trial intervention, Florida offers post-adjudicatory drug courts that focus on treatment rather than punishment. We’ll discuss the pros and cons of these alternatives to trial and help you determine the best way to proceed in your individual case.

Call Now for Practical and Effective Help in Tampa Drug Crimes Defense

If you’ve been arrested on Florida or federal drug charges in Tampa, call Scriven Law, P.A., at 813-226-8522 to discuss your case with an experienced and successful Tampa drug crime lawyer who has your best interests at heart.

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